Established in 1966 Maui Surfboards is arguably the oldest surf shop in Hawaii and decades older than any of it’s Maui competitors. The long list of riders, shapers and glassers who have learned their trades at our shop reads like a who’s who in the surfing hall of fame.

First with surfing lessons, surfboard rentals and helpful with tourist activities and information.
Our innovations and designs (refined in the perfect waves of Honolua Bay) have been copied and imitated since our inception; but hey, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Disdaining advertising, Maui Surfboards (The Original “Underground Shop”) still functions as the leader in completely handmade designs. We are the opposite of the cloned, mass produced “Big Name” Boards – popped out in third world countries. The media stars only dream of our reality; An ideal factory a few steps from THE BAY
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